MoneyWorks: Seriously Good Accounting Software

  • MoneyWorks Software

    MoneyWorks Software

    The MoneyWorks family of accounting software provides a range of feature rich but easy-to-use solutions for small-to-medium organisations.

    It works the same on Mac and Windows.

    MoneyWorks is developed by Conito Software Ltd, New Zealand and localised to suit Singapore business environment. Both MoneyWorks Gold 6 and MoneyWorks Datacentre 6 are compliant with the requirements of IRAS GST.

  • MoneyWorks Gold
    MoneyWorks Gold

    MoneyWorks Gold is a comprehensive accounting and business information system. It includes cash book and general ledger with department, purchases and sales, accounts payable and receivable, name database, product database and inventory control, job costing and time billing, GST tracking. Reports and forms are customisable. It is multi-currency, multi-user ready, able to set up multiple companies.

  • MoneyWorks Datacentre
    MoneyWorks Datacentre

    MoneyWorks Datacentre is a dedicated network server for MoneyWorks Gold data.